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Call us toll free: +1 800 789 50 12

As we walk past each kennel in our shelter we are greeted by the little souls that will all eventually find loving, forever homes and we wonder…

  • What would happen to them if High Sierra Animal Rescue (HSAR) were no longer here?
  • What would happen to our community’s no-kill status for adoptable dogs if HSAR was no longer rescuing them from the county shelter?

HSAR wants to do everything possible to make sure we are never confronted with this problem, but we desperately need your help!


High Sierra Animal Rescue


HSAR is facing huge challenges in sustaining a no-kill shelter. These challenges include:

  • Special Needs – Every year we are faced with animals that need immediate medical attention from dental surgery to a major surgery to save their lives.
  • Shelter maintenance – Our shelter is still considered state-of-the-art even after 15 years in operation; however, we are facing a major problem with our heating, ventilation and air conditioning units which have reached their useful life span. Replacement is imminent and the cost will exceed $40,000!
  • Every year we save approximately 200 dogs that have been relinquished, are homeless, neglected or abused. Two-thirds of these require spay or neutering and all require vaccines and many are in need of some routine veterinary care.


HSAR is asking you to become a "Guardian of HSAR" through our new Monthly Giving Program. Monthly giving may be the only way HSAR will be able to continue to help save the lives of homeless animals in our community. If you have adopted from HSAR, had a helping hand from HSAR and/or have personally experienced the good work that the entire organization has done for a homeless pet, then you know what a crucial role HSAR plays in saving the lives of unwanted animals in our community. Specifically, here is how your generous donations can help a rescue dog:

  • $100 every month – Helps spay or neuter a dog
  • $49 every month – Helps give vaccines and a micro-chip to a dog
  • $27 every month – Helps cover the care of a Special Needs dog for a day
  • $11 every month - Helps feed a dog for 3 days
  • $6 every month - Helps continue outreach programs for the community


Please “paw it forward” by considering a recurring monthly donation so that we can continue to re-home these wonderful and deserving animals. Your help through Monthly Giving is needed now! Please consider becoming a Guardian of HSAR.


Their Future is in Your Hands!